Welcome Letter From Shanice ✨

House of KURROC 🖤

Allow us to introduce ourselves 🖤 

We are a family run business that specialise in hand poured fragranced soy candles. We are both an eco brand and vegan friendly. Developing, creating and packing your candles from our home studio in croydon we ensure the most love has gone into every candle. Our scent journeys are inspired by nature’s natural healing properties. KURROC candles are a tool to help you slow down, rest and restore.

KURROC was birthed out of the importance of self care.

My name is shanice and I am one of the creators of KURROC along with my brother Kurtis and mum Donna. I have dabbled in the worlds of both fashion design and creative direction and It’s hard work I’m not gonna lie to you especially when you challenge norms and break boundaries, it’s never straightforwards. The opportunities creative work have opened me up to has allowed me to have a rich experience in both fashion design and creative direction. I have worked on projects ranging from New York Fashion Week, London Showrooms Paris, Retextured Festival, Red Bull Dance, Naomi Campbell’s Fashion For Relief, N.C.P for Selfridges, Hannah Marshall’s QUIET NOISE exhibition, The Design Museum and The Roundhouse.

This world of creativity is exciting beautiful and very fasted paced. Often giving and supporting the wider team around you you forget to take care of the little powerful human that is the driving force behind it all. I know I’m not alone in this feeling so when you experience a KURROC candle I want you to think of all the times you supported, cared and worked for someone else and use that same energy to give some care time to yourself.

I speak to creators and the creative community and We are all hustlers but we need to look after the person making it all happen as much as we look after the teams, projects and people that drive us.
During lockdown I decided to explore my love for candlemaking and that birthed the foundation of KURROC. Making each candle an experience you can take home with you. A much needed home to extrodnary scent experience, self care and creativity.

With this space I want to share different talents with you through our creative collaborations, share our knowledge and tips on ways to self care that work with you and your schedule. Create community as a way to bring us all together during the times we are appart.
We Aim to tell a unique story through each scent we create and communicate that with you. Take you on the journey of discovering each scent with the end goal of care 💛✨

Shanice Rochelle